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Frequently Answered Questions

  • When will I receive my rebates?

    Rebates are issued depending on the type. Marketing / business development rebates can be used after funds have accrued for 1 quarter. Volume rebates are issued automatically and will be issued every quarter.

  • How do I request that my rebates be issued?

    Volume rebates are issued automatically. Marketing and business development rebates can be requested by emailing or calling the manufacturer representative. See the benefits page for the contact information.

  • How do I take advantage of the marketing benefit?

    Contact the Lewis Agency at 1-877-742-2448.

  • How do I obtain an account number for various partners?

    Send an email to in order to request an account with one of the strategic partners.

  • How do I refer someone to take Advantage of AuDConnex benefits?

    Refer them to our website at and click on “To get started, click here.”